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This beautiful Coastal home uses rich Plywood for ceiling and wall finishes, which, Architect Sheine says, makes the interiors “warm, warm, warm.” WRITTEN BY: FRED A. BERNSTEIN PHOTOS BY:MARK MAHANEY ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN MODERN ACROSS AMERICA as BACK AT THE RANCH RE-BLOGGED: Dwell  A new home at Sea Ranch, a half-century-old enclave of rugged modernist houses on […]

Modern Home Joins a Storied Site on the Pacific Ocean

WRITTEN BY: JEREMY HANSEN PHOTOS BY: SIMON DEVITT ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED INLESS IS MODERN ReBloged from Dewell   New Zealand architect Davor Popadich invoked nautical sheds in his unconventional design for his family’s home on Auckland’s North Shore. The exterior of the Popadich residence is modeled after boat storage sheds, while the interior is […]

Rock the Boat – Plywood House