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Our sister company International Panels has recently received some exciting press with Toyota Material Handling Australia. Article below originally published in Toyota Material Handing Australia News.     Toyota Forklifts Perfect Fit For International Panels – Toyota Material Handling, Australia’s leading forklift supplier.   A company specialising in imported timber panels […]

Toyota Forklifts Perfect Fit For International Panels

Architects NOJI have creatively used plywood as a structural component to this Irish Studio. “The project uses plywood as a primary and secondary structural material, and as an internal skin,” added the studio. Originally Published in DeZeen Magazine Published: 5 February 2015 Reblogged: DeZeen Magazine       Irish studio NOJI Architects […]

Plywood Frames create a pattern of triangles inside house extension ...

WRITTERN BY: IAIN AITCH PHOTOS BY: CHRISTOFFER RUDQUIST REBLOGGED FROM DWELL DECEMBER 29, 2011 Subverting the traditional, conservatively cozy British barn conversion, Carl Turner created a getaway in rural Norfolk for himself and his friends to visit, repose, and consider the beauty of agrarian minimalism. Tucked away in a corner […]

Restored Barn uses OSB as Muse

This beautiful Coastal home uses rich Plywood for ceiling and wall finishes, which, Architect Sheine says, makes the interiors “warm, warm, warm.” WRITTEN BY: FRED A. BERNSTEIN PHOTOS BY:MARK MAHANEY ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN MODERN ACROSS AMERICA as BACK AT THE RANCH RE-BLOGGED: Dwell  A new home at Sea Ranch, a half-century-old enclave of rugged modernist houses on […]

Modern Home Joins a Storied Site on the Pacific Ocean

WRITTEN BY: JEREMY HANSEN PHOTOS BY: SIMON DEVITT ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED INLESS IS MODERN ReBloged from Dewell   New Zealand architect Davor Popadich invoked nautical sheds in his unconventional design for his family’s home on Auckland’s North Shore. The exterior of the Popadich residence is modeled after boat storage sheds, while the interior is […]

Rock the Boat – Plywood House

Hi – I’m Hank and I bought a Bus! In architecture school I was tired of drawing buildings that would never exist, for clients that were imaginary, and with details I didn’t fully understand. I prefer to work with my hands, exploring details thoroughly, and enjoy working/prototyping at full scale. […]

Hank’s Plywood Bus

Does the versatility of plywood have no limit? See 10 favourite Plywood applications by Christine Chang Hanway. From boats to furniture; plywood is flexible, inexpensive, easy to use, and reusable. Made from refashioned pieces of wood that have been bound together, forming a building material that is stronger and stiffer than […]

The Unexpected Appeal of Plywood

Originally Published on De Zeen Magazine.   Plywood used in new and initiative ways. When asked about the plywood in this project the Architect said, “Plywood is affordable and readily available and much of the joinery was designed to be constructed by a carpenter, further minimising construction costs.” See full article […]

Plywood Apartment by Clare Cousins