Kokoda Plywood

Kokoda_ManOur sister company IP(A)PL are the sole importers of Kokoda Plywood in Australia. Kokoda Plywood has become a sought after product because of its quality, lightness and strength.



Kokoda Exterior BB/CC

 Manufactured from mixed light hardwood veneer with a 1.0mm “B” grade Face and 1.0mm “C” grade back, usually with a white coloured species on the face and back veneer.Kokoda HWD EXT BC


Sheet Size: 2440 x 1220
Glue Bond: “A” Bond “Phenolic” black colour – 72 hour boil
Thicknesses: 3.6mm(3 ply), 6mm(5 ply), 9mm(5 ply), 12mm(7 ply), 15mm(7 ply), 18mm(9 ply), 25mm (11 ply)
Sheets/Pack: 3.6mm – 233, 6mm – 140, 9mm – 93, 12mm – 70, 15mm – 56, 18mm – 47, 25mm – 36


Kokoda Hardwood IMPACT PLY 

IMPACT Ply is suitable for use in Cyclone prone areas due to the high tensile strength of the hardwood veneers chosen in the manufacture of this structural product. IMPACT Ply is subjected to rigorous flying debris testing.

Kokoda Hardwood CD C Face

Sheet Size: 2400 x 1200
Glue Bond: “A” Bond “Phenolic” black colour – 72 hour boil.
Thicknesses: 7mm(3 ply), 9mm(3 ply), 12mm(5 ply), 15mm(5 ply), 17mm(7 ply), 19mm(9 ply), 21mm(9 ply), 25mm(11 ply)
Sheets/Pack: 7mm – 100, 9mm – 93, 12mm – 70, 15mm – 56, 17mm – 49, 19mm – 44, 21mm – 40, 25mm – 34
Stress Grades: Usually F14 & F17. Higher stress grades available on application.